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Worldcon 2019

15 août 2019 19 août 2019

La convention mondiale annuelle de science-fiction : rencontres, dédicaces, participations aux tables rondes et conférences. Programme :

Jeudi 15 août

11h30 – So long, and thanks for all the fish  |  Point Square , Odeon 2 Moderator Dr Claire McCague (Simon Fraser University) Lionel Davoust Linnea Sternefält Becky Chambers

Table ronde. Like the dolphins of Hitchhiker’s Guide, nonhuman life can communicate with humans in numerous ways including non-verbal interactions, signalling, and even parasitism. Panellists from diverse fields of research discuss the oddness of life and the strange ways the natural world talks to us.

13h – Non-English language SFF television   |  CCD , Wicklow Room-2 Moderator Claudia Fusco Harun Šiljak (Trinity College Dublin, CONNECT SFI Centre for Future Networks and Communications) Cora Buhlert Lionel Davoust J. Sharpe (Zilverspoor)

Table ronde. Interest in TV from different countries is increasing. There are many good SFF TV shows produced in non-English speaking countries, and they are getting easier to find. The panel discusses their favourites and what makes them worthwhile to watch.

15h – Fantastical travel guide   |  CCD , Liffey Hall-2 Moderator Marianna « Kisu » Leikomaa Lionel Davoust Melissa Caruso Juliet E McKenna Karolina Fedyk

Table ronde. Do you fancy a trip to a fantasy realm? Want to avoid stumbling into Moria or falling off the edge of the Discworld? Our panel of authors are here to help you by roleplaying as one of their characters and trying to persuade you to travel to their fantasy worlds.

Dimanche 18 août

14h – Autographs  |  CCD , Level 4 Foyer Lionel Davoust Dr Theodora Goss (Boston University and Stonecoast MFA Program) J.S. Meresmaa Kim ten Tusscher Rick Wilber (Western Colorado University) Séance de dédicaces.

18h – Soundtracks for SFF film and TV   |  CCD , Liffey Hall-2 Gabrielle de Cuir (Skyboat Media Audiobooks) Lionel Davoust Lucy Hounsom Sam Watts

Table ronde. Soundtracks make a huge difference to the feel of a movie or TV show. What qualities make for a good soundtrack? Is there a difference between soundtracks for movies and for television episodes?

Lundi 19 août

14h – Untranslated SFF    |  CCD , ECOCEM Room Moderator Alexander Hong Lionel Davoust Haruka Mugihara Wataru Ishigame (Tokyo Sogensha)

Table ronde. The world of SFF is often extremely anglocentric, but there is a wealth of speculative fiction from non-English-speaking countries that has yet to be translated, and may in fact never be available in English. What are we missing? How do publishers decide which works merit translation and which do not? Is English translation necessary for the success of SFF works or not? The panel will discuss their favourite untranslated works and the politics of translation.