Ce qu’Internet m’a appris sur moi-même

pew-pew-pewMerci Googlism.Oui, merci, je suis flatté.
ld is and is not ld is self employed print his brochure ld is messing with me? ld is also? ld is? ld is noisy ld is currently operationally defined in the public schools as absolute low achievement ld is not rather than what ld is ld is a disorder that affects people’s ability to either interpret what they see and hear or to link information from different parts of the brain ld is like ld is broken on linux/alpha ld is invoked ld is one way to provide important information when you are unable to do so ld is shown using the color code at right ld is noisy to ld is 2250 kj/kg; for methylene chloride ld is the top ld is ld is not ld is weak ld is biodegradable ld is not as detailed and well defined in color rendition as the dvd transfer ld is only 5 ld is flaky without it ld is sometimes referred to as the ‘invisible’ disability mainly because children with ld look and act intelligent and have no obvious physical handicaps ld is a natural choice for satellite communications ld is configured to support multiple object code formats ld is the most commonly reported arthropod ld is based on standardized test data ld is charged with organizing lobbying efforts ld is essentially philosophical in nature ld is also significantly different in its time ld is dead ld is very classic ld is not rather than what ld is ld is already « ld »