Well, so this is an English-speaking post because the interview, conducted by Richard O’Brien of Euradionantes, was in English. We spent around 15 minutes, during the last Utopiales festival – one of the biggest SF&F events in France, where Neil Gaiman and Michael Moorcock appeared this year -, speaking about urban fantasy, city atmospheres, the role of the Internet in the life of current writers and gaming.

Although the genre of fantasy is often associated with fictional worlds that reconstruct a pre-industrial, rural society, Lionel Davoust is one of many authors working within the alternative tradition of urban fantasy. In discussion with Richard, he explains how the specific character of each metropolis affects the type of magic that can take place within it; he also reflects upon the place of the Internet in the working habits of the modern writer, and on the relationship between literature and role-playing games.

You can listen to the interview below :